Author Topic: PascalCoinWhitePaperV4 contains a ridicilous statement :)  (Read 58 times)


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PascalCoinWhitePaperV4 contains a ridicilous statement :)
« on: April 05, 2019, 12:05:00 AM »
From PascalCoinWhitePaperV4:

One advantage using the Free Pascal programming language is that it raises the barrier
higher for forking a clone cryptocurrency based on PascalCoin.

Reading this sentences alone is almost pretty ridicilous. Pascal was thought as a programming language to IT students to master other programming languages later in life.

Pascal code was very portable to other languages, generics and other new futures might have made that a little bit harder.

However polyminer1 has demonstrated perfectly clear that it's still very much possible to translate pascal (coin) code into c++ as polyminer1 has done with RandomHash.

The paper continues:

"It would be almost impossible to fork PascalCoin unnoticed due to its Pascal-based codebase unless one masters the Pascal programming language then rewrite the entire codebase into a different language."

What is this point of this statement ?!?

It's open source, it's on github, it can be forked at any time, this is the whole purpose of github and forking. The statement it self is pretty ridicilous.

This may put off investors into pascalcoin, I highly recommend it to be removed from the paper.

Furthermore PascalCoin was primairely developed in Delphi which is more interesting for investors then a free pascal/lazarus initiative which is maintained by volunteers which may die or stop at any moment while Delphi does have a big commercial company behind it which isn't likely to stop at any time soon.

Associating PascalCoin with FreePascal coin is therefore slightly a lie/misleading and a bad association from a commercial perspective.

None the less some code has been developed with PascalCoin, though most of it is probably trivial non-esssential and non-core.

Delphi has set the tone mostly for the advencement of turbo pascal, not so much free-pascal.

Some credit should be given to Delphi as well, since it has been very influential to the further development of the object pascal language, many IT people know this, neglecting or ignoring this fact comes over as misleading/clueless and unprofessional and doing unjust to history of computer science and program language evolution.