Author Topic: Tutorial How To Mine PascalCoin  (Read 281 times)


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Tutorial How To Mine PascalCoin
« on: July 09, 2018, 03:22:20 PM »
Go to my PascalCoin github repository:

Find and download most of the files currently in \src subfolder:

1. Download pascalcoin_wallet_classic.exe
2. Download libcrypto-1_1.dll
3. Download PascalCoinMiner.exe
4. Download
5. Download RunMiner.bat

(All files should be downloaded in raw/binary form and saved on your disk/storage solution).


1. Run PascalCoin
2. (Optionally) Edit RunMiner.bat and change "YourUserNameHere" to whatever you want.
3. Run RunMiner.bat (this will run PascalCoinMiner.exe with correct parameters).

PascalCoinMiner.exe will connect with pascalcoin_wallet_classic.exe via localhost:4009    (this port is also called JSONRPCMinerServer port which is 4009 for production and 4109 for testnet).

If everything is running correctly then after a few seconds it should display something like the text below in the "console/text" window for PascalCoinMiner.exe:

** PascalCoin miner ** Version: 0.7
GPU p0 d0 Name:GeForce GT 520 CU:1 Freq:1620

MINING server:

MINER VALUES: (My miner name="YourUserNameHere")
Current block: 6 Wallet Name: "New Node 9/7/2018 15:44:32 -  Build:" Targ

16:21:18 Miner:"New Node 9/7/2018 15:44:32 -  Build:"

MY VALID BLOCKS FOUND: 4 Working time: 0d 00:00:19
16:21:13 Block:5 NOnce:3146953988 Timestamp:1531146071 Miner:New Node 9/7/2018 1

16:21:10 Info Sending JSON: {"id":5,"method":"miner-submit","params":[{"payload"
16:21:10 Info Received JSON: {"result":null,"error":"Error: No valid job found w
16:21:10 Info Received response method:miner-submit JSON:{"result":null,"error":
16:21:13 Info FOUND VALID NONCE!!! Block:5 Timestamp:1531146071 Nonce:3146953988
16:21:13 Info Sending JSON: {"id":6,"method":"miner-submit","params":[{"payload"
16:21:13 Info Received JSON: {"result":{"block":5,"pow":"000001C5D54C0C117E2BFB9
16:21:13 Info Received response method:miner-submit JSON:{"result":{"block":5,"p
16:21:13 Info Received JSON: {"id":null,"method":"miner-notify","params":[{"bloc
16:21:13 Update New miner values. Block 6 Target 191917D7 Payload New Node 9/7/2

Good luck mining !