Damage assesment for Gigaworks S750

Some people mention a blown fuse.

Some questions about that:

1. Is this the fuse ? If so then how to open/remove it ? The screws don't really seem to come out (they turn but don't come out)

Maybe it needs to be budged/jacked open ?

I found the answer to question 1, see picture 3

Fuse (?) picture1:

Fuse (?) picture2:

Fuse (!) picture3: I found this picture on the creative labs support site:

(It said something like: Gently try to remove the fuse with a flat screw driver)


Picture 4: Removing the fuse:

Picture 5: The (original) fuse closeup.
(To be able to take this picture I needed the special close up capabilities of my camera which I used for the first time in this excellent picture below:)

Question 2: Is the fuse bad/broken ? (Doesn't seem like it ?) (The metal cord/bar is a bit diagonal though, how to know for sure ?)