Skybuck's Consortium presents:

Information for sale (the html version)

(text version started 10 february 2013, last updated on 2 december 2014):

(html version started on 1 november 2013, last updated on 2 december 2014)

Demonstration video of valuable information for sale (trick no longer works but this gives a good impression of what to expect):

(x=censored/sensitive, ask online for more information, no trust, no info, no ec, no deal)

Color coding (all color coded items below are highly recommended):

Green = Good for Energy Credit ( EC ) generation

Purple = Good for Dilithium ( Dili ) generation

Yellow = Good for Lockbox item information

Red = Good for Military Information

Blue = Interesting

A = General:
1. How to get mystery items fast: 1.000.000 ec.
2. How to earn EC fast (1.000.000+ ec per hour per toon): 5.000.000 ec.
3. How to make toon flash with a blue light: 2.000.000 ec.
4. How to make NPCs (non-playable characters/ai) attack players: 1.000.000 ec.
5. Financial/statistical information for console fabrication: 2.000.000 ec.
6. Financial/statistical information for winter even items: 100.000 ec.
7. Financial/statistical information for commodities: 200.000 ec.
8. Financial/statistical information for lock boxes: 500.000 ec.
9. Financial/statistical information for dominion officers: 1.000.000 ec.
10. How to become insanely rich (100m+) during a new season update (some preperation needed): 20.000.000 ec.
11. Cloning toons/boffs: 1.000.000 ec.
12. What's inside the mystery items: 1.000.000 ec
13. How to teleport to ESD from klingon side: 1.000.000 ec (might no longer be possible but maybe again in future)
14. How to teleport to QNOS from federation side: 1.000.000 ec (might no longer be possible but maybe again in future)
15. How to get behind the glass on the earth space dock starbase: 1.000.000 ec.
16. Space configuration tips all-in-one: 1.000.000 ec.
17. How to quickly trade with a player anywhere in the universe: 250.000 ec.
18. How to get field generator mk xi cheaply: 250.000 ec.
19. Game modding tutorial: 250.000 ec.
20. How to work faster with fleet bank, bank and inventory: 1.000.000 ec.
21. How to increase your chance to get a valuable ship from a lock box: 3.000.000 ec.
22. All details how to best produce MK XII consoles: 1.000.000 ec.
23. How to crouch walk: 1.000.000 ec
24. Good tips for omega and romulan torpedo: 1.000.000 ec.
25. How to buy lockbox ships cheaply: 5.000.000 ec.
26. How to use D'Kora ship most effectively: 3.000.000 ec.
27. How to get maximum critical severity and critical chance for space ship: 5.000.000 ec.
28. How to buy/sell fleet marks: 1.000.000 ec.
29. How to make easy money with your d'kora: 3.000.000 ec.
30. How to make big money from the new romulan update: 5.000.000 ec.
31. How to get fleet credits and fleet marks faster and how to profit from it: 10.000.000 ec.
32. How to make the game client crash by opening 2 boxes: 2.000.000 ec.
33. Most powerfull torpedo setup advise (not sure but probably): 100.000 ec
34. How to profit from a certain mission that made me 400m EC (bug is fixed, might return in future): 5.000.000 ec for info (500m ec for proof).
35. How to profit from a bank/fleet bank trick: 5.000.000 ec
36. How to transfer dilithium across toons: 10.000.000 ec.
37. How to profit from the suliban cell ship: 5.000.000 ec.
38. Access to a cell ship: 250.000 ec.
39. How to benefit from patterns in the random number generator for lock boxes: 3.000.000 ec.
40. How to make your bird pet follow you: 3.000.000 ec.
41. Information about the lockbox random number generator (RNG): 10.000.000 ec
42. How to stay under the radar: 5.000.000 ec
43. How to circumvent the xxxx xxxx limitation: 20.000.000 ec
44. How to instantly go to the vip mining claim asteroid: 5.000.000 ec
45. How to get xxxx xxxx per hour per toon for just a few seconds work: 5.000.000 ec
46. How to see when lockbox ship were rewarded: 2.000.000 ec
47. How to do all cell ship doff missions at the same time. (doesnt work anymore but still interesting): 1.000.000 ec.
48. How to get more fleet marks from fleet alert: 3.000.000 ec.
49. How to find/locate somebody on ESD/ground and so forth: 5.000.000 ec.
50. How to create multiple seperate chat windows : 3.000.000 ec.
51. How to show your emotions/white text on the chat window: 1.000.000 ec.
52. How to contact somebody if you know his handle: 2.000.000 ec
53. How to see the user list of any chat channel: 5.000.000 ec.
54. How to spy on people/players and learn interesting things: 10.000.000 ec.
55. How to find foundry exploits very easy: 20.000.000 ec
56. How to find members of a fleet: 5.000.000 ec
57. How to send/leave carrier fighters/pets somewhere in the middle of space: 10.000.000 ec
58. How to get more nukara marks pretty easily (doesnt work any more): 5.000.000 ec
59. How to get more dili from foundry missions: 5.000.000 ec
60. How to perform the tour of the universe as fast/efficient as possible (complete step-by-step description textfile available): 8.000.000 ec
61. Where to find a website with many interesting STO new items and STO economics charts: 3.000.000 ec
62. How to unmute a player on a big chat channel: 3.000.000 ec
66. How to contain the Crystal Entity blast: 5.000.000 ec.
67. How to train somebody else's boffs: 1.000.000 ec
68. How to produce 50 contrabands per hour: 20.000.000 ec
69. How to profit from dilithium the most (good conversion rate) (sell speed doubtfull thus valued lowly): 1.000.000 ec
70. What kind of rarity comes out of mini packs: 1.000.000 ec
71. How to see damage output/healing/pets/etc from yourself and other players very detailed + needed software/scripts: 10.000.000 ec.
72. How to reach 1st place in Crystal Entity (PvE mission): 1.000.000 ec
73. How to reach 1st place in Gorn Minefield Fleet Action (PvE Mission): 3.000.000 ec
74. How to sell equipment/vendor trash from anywhere without going to vendors and still get 50% return (doesn't work any more but is inspirational ! ;) =D): 1.000.000 ec
75. How to transfer dilithium across accounts / (same as) How to transfer dilithium between players (two methods available ): 25.000.000 ec
76. How to test the (lockbox) random number generator for free: 10.000.000 EC
79. How to make pink uniform: 1.000.000 EC
80. How to jump higher and onto things, for example starfleet academy roofs inside building: 5.000.000 ec.
81. How to get the: [Hangar - Advanced Obelisk Swarmers]: 1.000.000 ec.
82. How to get rich from Sphere of Influence: 10.000.000 ec.
83. How to do the sexy dance (female captains only): 1.000.000 ec
84. How to get 4 bridge officers on deferi: 5.000.000 ec
85. Activation sequence for "Spin the Wheel": 3.000.000 ec
86. Tricks/Missions to get fleet marks fast: 3.000.000 ec
87. Where to get the best loot (excellent for noobies): 3.000.000 ec
88. How to always get purple gear drops: 3.000.000 ec

89. How to boot the game into safe mode: 1.000.000 ec
90. How to see the firing arcs of space weapons: 1.000.000 ec
91. How to kill snowman faster: 1.000.000 ec
92. How to turn into a snowman (funny/cute): 2.000.000 ec
93. How to get more grip on ice for good racing: 1.000.000 ec
94. How to make big snow splash (lot of fun !): 3.000.000 ec
95. How to escape outside of the galaxy: 5.000.000 ec
96. How to scream and explode on space stations/academy/ground and such: 3.000.000 ec
97. How to buy certain populair space weapons so they can be used on all captains/toons: 1.000.000 ec
98. How to have fun with the patatoe smasher and kill friendlies and enemies: 3.000.000 ec
99. How to get many winter item/presents (unconfirmed): 3.000.000 ec
100. How to always win the race for q's autographs: 1.000.000 ec
101. How to perform "the hump" and humping people: 5.000.000 ec
102. How to get multiple adventages over your opponents in the winter epoh race: 3.000.000 ec
103. How to find rich people: 10.000.000 ec
104. New Exploit discovered by myself funny enough: This will benefit people levelling toons that's all I say about it: 20.000.000 ec
105. New Exploit discovered by myself, this exploit is kinda handy for me personally, for 1m ec I will reveal to you what it is about for 25.000.000 ec I will tell you exactly, otherwise I keep it secret ;)
106. How to get more ships from zen packs: 20.000.000 ec
107. How to make unlimited ammount of accounts: 30.000.000 ec
108. How to open unlimited ammounts of green lock boxes: 3.000.000 ec
109. How to see how many days/time you have played: 1.000.000 ec
110. How to perform advanced/efficient searches (non obvious and valuable): 10.000.000 ec
111. How to transfer [Dilithium Mining Claim - VIP Customer] to other captains: 50.000.000 ec
112. How to profit from exchange: 50.000.000 ec
113. How to profit from new delta rising missions: 25.000.000 ec
114. How to produce something very valuable (secret item): 30.000.000 ec

115. How to damage friendly space ships near earth space dock, or anywhere for that matter: 25.000.000 ec

B = Spreadsheets for sale:
1. Spreadsheet for winter items/jackets (show resources needed/costs/profits/etc): 2.000.000 ec.
2. Spreadsheet for temporal lock box (shows what inside the box and how profiteable it is): 1.000.000 ec.
3. Spreadsheet for commodities (shows profits and such): 3.000.000 ec.
4. Spreadsheet for dominion officers (shows what's inside the duty officer pack and what it's worth and profits): 5.000.000 ec.
5. Spreadsheet for console fabrication (shows all mark XII consoles, fabrication costs and profits): 25.000.000 ec.
6. Spreadsheet for duty officers (very big showns profiteability of different kinds of doffs): 50.000.000 ec.
7. New one coming soon, censored for now.

C = Applications for sale:
1. Mail xxxxxx (inform for question mark revelation): 500.000.000 ec.
2. Mail cleaner (cleans out unwanted exchange item sold spam): 10.000.000 ec.
3. Exchange poster (automatically posts items from stack in inventory to exchange ): 15.000.000 ec.
4. Game modding tools (extracts/packs files from startrek online data files and such): 500.000 ec.
5. Exchange Duty Officer Price Collector (collects prices for all duty officers to be used in the spreadsheet at B6): 25.000.000 ec.
6. Fleet Mark Producer: 250.000.000 ec
7. Refined Dili Producer: ec
8. Hotmail account creation bot: 25.000.000 ec
9. STO account creation bot: 25.000.000 ec

D = Services for sale:
1. Joining a team to create a fleet: 500.000 ec.
2. Nude mod storage and mailing: 1.000.000 ec.
3. Diplomatic Immunity in space: 300.000 ec.
4. Teammate help achieving stf optionals in ground or space: 1.000.000 ec.
5. Photography service (example: taking nudies or sexies of your toon): 50.000 ec per screenshot.
6. Nadorc bridge invites FED side: 100.000 ec.
7. MK XII Console fabrication: powered alien artifact, if any profit made, split 50-50.
8. Renting/Lending of playable accounts: negotiable, contact for further information =D
9. Dabo table invites: 100.000 ec
10. Trading deals hook-ups: 1.000.000 ec
11. Skybuck's Pawnshop: join chat channel Pawnshop for fast EC loans with items as collateral.
12. Access to Tier 5 starbase, Tier 3 Embassy, Tier 3 Mine: 1.000.000 EC
13. Buying equipement with own provisions: 5.000.000 EC
14. Buying equipement with our provisions: 10.000.000 EC
15. Buying ships with our provisions: 10.000.000 EC

16. Access to chat channel SkyTrade: FREE
17. Buying 10m or higher items of exchange for 10m cap limited players: 1.000.000m ec or 10% of ammount which ever is higher.
18. Completing no win scenerio: 5.000.000 ec
19. File/Data/Graphics/Music/Sound extraction tools mailing: 10.000.000 ec

Bridge Officer Skill Training for sale: 250.000 ec.

E = Lieutenant Commander (station 3):
1. Sweeping Strikes III (ground)
2. Beam Fire at Will III (space)
3. Tactical Team III (space)
4. Torpedo: High Yield III (space)

F = Commander (station 4):
5. Lunge III (ground)
6. Overwatch II (ground)
7. Target Optics III (ground)
8. Attack Pattern Beta III (space)
9. Attack Pattern Omega III (space)
10. Cannon: Rapid Fire III (space)
11. Dispersal Pattern Beta III (space)

G = Pictures for sale:
1. Screenshots of hot women in Startrek Online (nudes and cloths and funny toons): 10.000 ec per screenshot.
(Free examples: )

H = Rumors:
1. Story of incredible secret wealth: 50.000.000 ec
2. Screenshot of romulan playable faction: 1.000.000 ec
3. Foundry/missions/dili exploits: 10.000.000 ec.
4. How to prepare for coming very rare ship oppertunities: 5.000.000 ec

I = Commision:
1. If you find me an interested buyer and I sell him/her something, I will give you 10% commission on whatever the sale was.
2. Reselling this information is allowed, this will provide you with income. You can then use this income to buy more tips from me.

J = Investment/hire/buy oppertunities:
1. Investment/hire/buy in contraband to dili producer, to get started: 10.000.000 ec
2. Other kind of producers, minimum (depending on complexity might decline or ask for more): 10.000.000 ec

K = Discounts:
1. Returning customers can get a 5% discount on anything they buy just ask for it !

L = Special in-game items for sale:
(I join your fleet, you invite me to your bridge, you pay me, I dump the fleet marks/mine provisions/dilithium into your holding projects mine/embassy/starbase)
(prices may fluctuate depending on supply and demand)
1. Fleet Marks : 6.000 ec per fleet mark
2. Embassy Provisions: 75.000 ec
3. Dilithium Mine Provisions: 75.000 ec
4. Refined Dilithium: 600 ec per refined dilithium

Everything is negotiable.

Contacts in Startrek Online:

@skybuckflying (Unfortunately this account has been banned, lame but true, the Star Trek Online experiment is now over. Cryptic has failed to create a virtual world where I can exist.).

(Instead use for communication)

My items, informations and bots are now for sale for bitcoins (Extrable via other accounts/fleet banks).

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