Welcome to Skybuck's Star Trek Online Bots tutorial:

(started on 22 december 2013, last updated on 2 july 2014)

This tutorial will teach you how to download, run and create your own bots for Star Trek Online.

(Bots = automation of the game so you can go to sleep)

Step 1: Download Sikuli (sikuli-setup.jar) (one setup for all systems):


Step 2. Download the bot example (a zip/rar file):


Also watch the videos how it was created, coming real soon (ignore any fast mumbling or turn up volume:)):

Step 3. Install Sikuli (preferably the IDE 64 bit version for windows)

Step 4. Extract the bot to a folder.

Step 5. Load the bot into Sikuli

Step 6. Run the bot.

Step 7. Profit !

The provided bot is a simple but effective example of what this software is capable of.

Step 8. Develop your own, or

Step 9. Purchase advanced bots from me: skybuck2000@hotmail.com


Advanced bots for sale:


1. Single Captain Dilithium Producer and Refiner (codename: "Solo"):  50 dollars

This bot uses the Captain Delete/Create trick to circumvent the daily 8000 dilithium cap by deleting and then creating a new dummy captain (this resets the dilithium cap to 0).

The captain is then sufficiently levelled so it can perform foundry one-click missions to get dilithium rewards (known as "clickies")

This bot is ideal to collect dilithium to purchase zen to unlock multiple captains so that later bot 2 (code name "switcher") can be used.

Full Disclosure Video:

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhVCyib8OkU

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EwC024helw


2. Multi Captain Dilithium Producer and Refiner (codename: "Switcher"): 50 dollars

This bot uses multiple captains to produce and refine 8000 dilithium per captain per day/night.

It performs one foundry one-click dilithium mission per captain per hour. (known as "clickies")

For example 38 captains will produce 38 x 8000 = 304.000 refined dilithium per day/night.

This bot can be adepted to perform contraband refining or vip mining claim missions if the foundry is changed/taken down/etc e-mail me if adoption is needed.

(vip mining claims can be used twice with a trick known as "double dipping", (this trick no longer works)).

Full Disclosure Video:

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0Dq8Yb45NY

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDjDuoLIXUc


3. Fleet Alert, Fleet Mark Producer (codename: "Mark"):  50 dollars

This bot can produce 2000 fleet marks per night (10 hours per night). It performs the "Fleet Alert" space mission.

The bot has an advanced space combat/navigation system.

It simply shoots ships and waits for the siege group to arrive or a certain ammount of time to pass which ever comes first.

Then it aborts the mission, since there is no cooldown, it can done rapidly do this mission again and again and again and so forth.

It has advanced auto-recovery options to recover from server disconnects/failures/updates and so forth.

Fleet marks can be sold to fleets/starbases/embassies/mines/spires by joining their fleet, requiring payment via trade window and then dumping the fleet marks

into their project holdings. Highly profitable bussiness !

There is also a trick to turn fleet credits into energy credits, this trick I will tell you for: 25 dollars

Full Disclosure Video:

Coming soon


Screenshot crops and other details are available here (click on the png files)::



Highly desireable ships for sale:


1. Benthan [T6]: 90 dollars

Supports new intel boff capabilities.


Accounts for sale:

Unlimited ammount of accounts for sale, price per account: 25 dollars

(Each account comes with it's own www.outlook.com e-mail address and star trek online login name and login password, ownership of these will be transferred to you.)


Contact me via e-mail: skybuck2000@hotmail.com

Perhaps we can then work out a deal and method of payment/transaction.


See my new webstore for more botting pleasure:




Payment can also be done via credit cards by buying license keys for my software, my store is here:


My other software is here:


(This software can be considered an additional bonus or can be ignored if no interest in it)

Prices for bots are currently as follows:

50 dollars for Dilithium Solo Bot (bot works straight out of the box, no configuration needed) (2 udp file transfer licenses)

50 dollars for Dilithium Multi/Switcher Bot (needs captain graphics to be re-done per buyer for now) (2 udp file transfer licenses).

50 dollars for Fleet Mark bot. (works straight out of the box, no configuration needed) (2 udp file transfer licenses)

Transaction can work as follows:

Simply buy the required licenses, wait until kagi e-mail arrived, send kagi e-mail forward to me and tell me which bots you want, then I send them to you.

All bots sold come with a 2 week support period, during this period I will help you get the bot working and fixing and problems that may arise.


(Once these highly desirable items are sold I may publish other items for sale like very rare mk xii consoles or universal consoles)