Tutorial how to install and play:

Men of War: Assault Squad

(on Tunngle!)

Download following software:

The game:

1. Men of War: Assault Squad 1.81.1 (skidrow torrent)

The patches (some are in gamershell.com and others elsewhere google it):

1. mow-as-update-setup-en-

2. mow-as-update-setup-en-2.05.13-full.zip ( misses a few files that's why 2.0.11 is needed)

3. mow-as-update-setup-en-2.05.14-small.exe.zip

4. mow-as-update-setup-en-2.05.15-small.zip

The crack:


How to install:

1. Install game

2. Install patch 2.0.11

3. Install patch 2.05.13

4. Install patch 2.05.14

5. Install Patch 2.05.15

6. Install Crack for 2.05.15

Done go on tunngle into men of war assual squad lobby

Run game

Go to multiplayer

Enable game exe in windows 7firewall, not required but do it anyway just in case.